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venerdì 4 giugno 2010

Preview | ARCHIPEL | 4.6.2010 | Panorama12@LeFresnoy | Tourcoing | France

SYNOPSIS Abed enters Israel illegaly by passing under the Wall, through the sewers. He works in a restaurant in the West of Jerusalem. On his day off, Abed decides to go home with a mysterious white box. It is the beginning of a long journey.

production: Le Fresnoy, Yellow Dawn Production
format: HD
lenght: 23min.
languages: arab, hebrew
subtitles: english, french, italian

available for screening: HDCAM and all video format

written and directed by GIACOMO ABBRUZZESE

with ABDEL RAZAQ ABU MEIZER   RIYAD DEIS   YANIV LACHMAN   ADI GILAT   MANAR HARB assistant director, screenplay collaborator NATACHA MATHY  cinematographer BLAISE BASDEVANT sound engineer NICOLAS VERHAEGHE sound designer ALESSANDRO ALTAVILLA assistant camera WALEED HAMDAN gaffer DIAA JUBEH location manager YANIV LACHMAN script, props MALU ZAYON editor GIACOMO ABBRUZZESE sound editor, mixer SIMON APOSTOLOU colorist BAPTISTE EVRARD a production of LE FRESNOY director ALAIN FLEISCHER cinema coordinator FRÉDÉRIC PAPON with the coproduction of YELLOW DAWN coproducteur EHAB ASSAL with the support of FRENCH CONSULATE IN JERUSALEM   DE.MO./MOVIN'UP   DAR AL KALIMA COLLEGE   AQTV


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