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lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

ARCHIPEL wins the Torino Film Festival

First Prize for Best Shortfilm and the Prize "AVANTI!" (Agenzia Valorizzazione Autori Nuovi Tutti Italiani) for the distribution in the Italian Art&Essai Cinemas.

BEST SHORTFILM (10.000 euro)
Through the evident clarity of thought and structure inherent to documentaries, Archipel portrays a fictional story that can change the often stereotypical perception of what we know as “theaters of war.” Each place of destruction is also perforce a space that is vital, of games, of conversations, even of eroticism. Through the vicissitudes of Abed, Giacomo Abbruzzese describes a world in which each movement takes place in an open-air labyrinth: if it is true that “silence is complicity,” or rather, a way of maintaining the labyrinth, then portraying it may be a way to find the exit. Because, it’s true, “there is nothing extraordinary in the organization of oppression.”
(the jury: Pierpaolo Capovilla, Marzia Migliora, Giorgio Vasta)

PRIZE FOR THE DISTRIBUTION (with 2 more films in other competitions of the Festival)
“For the ability of their respective authors to deal with topics of utmost social urgency, using a filmic language that is committed to research, that is highly expressive and is characterized both by the rigor and the spontaneity of its outlook.”
(the jury: Chiara Boffelli, Maurizio Cau, Fiammetta Girola, Enrico Nosei, Andrea Zanoli)

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