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martedì 25 ottobre 2011


The night of the 31 December, in the middle of the fireworks, a group of international ecologists blows up the biggest steelworks of Europe. 


a shortfilm written and directed by Giacomo Abbruzzese

with Saleh Bakri, Katia Goulioni, Angelo Losasso, Julien Anselmino, Angelo Cannata

Production Le Fresnoy, Giacomo Abbruzzese
with the support of Apulia Film Commission
Format: HD 4K

Aspect ratio: 2,00 (2:0)
Sound: Dolby ProLogic
Lenght: 21min
Languages: dialect of Taranto, Arabic, Greek, French, Italian
Subtitles available in Italian, French, English
Screening copies: HDCAM, Blu-Ray, DIGIBETA, BETA SP, DVD
© 2011

for distribution and sales

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