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venerdì 24 aprile 2015

A nice article about Stella Maris on a Romanian magazine

"It's a known fact that Italian cinema is going through a severe crisis, which is still sinking deepens economic prospects of young people; to give just one example, I for one can not disappointment me out of my mind that I had with one of the recent movies that try to reflect honestly impasse identity of that company, but ends up adopting the type of content and mechanisms tabloid storytelling patented Berlusconi's Mediaset giant - Reality (r. Matteo Garrone, 2012) - and becomes a gravy as long as reality shows, they attack. Well, Stella Maris sets a very welcome contrast with this type of failure, placing seemingly unambitious in a rural community in the Mediterranean Sea, where the only important event, when not throwing firecrackers, is launching annual water a statue of Mary, under the careful watchfulness dignitaries. The surprise is that the film's Abbruzzese, corrupt politician, adamant Catholicism Italians, malignant lack of perspective, literally and figuratively imprisonment of young people (rebels) and absurd hope in religious miracles - some tropes no new Italian speech - shake hands in a surreal accents and allegorical story that, despite my initial disbelief, lucid and articulate a coherent vision first on the above mentioned impasse; At the same time, it is incredible that the Virgin Mary LED can say so much about a society in a short time".

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photo by Manuele Geromini & Laura Villa Baroncelli

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